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AOE22 Panel Description

Are We Still Building Siloes in Healthcare Education?

As health information professionals, often we are not included in the conversation when it comes to interprofessional collaboration. This presentation is to provide participants with ways of being included in interactions with other disciplines within their college and beyond. Most, if not all healthcare specialized accreditations contain a component for interprofessional education. Most organizations are quick to encourage nursing, pharmacy, and medical student in these collaborations encouraging communication and teamwork. At times, supporting services such as therapies or social work may be brought into this fray, but this is not as widely accepted and encouraged. Helping other disciplines understand how we all fit together is a challenge when it comes to scheduling and arranging activities. This presentation will provide tools for participants to take to their organization to encourage interprofessional communication beyond the obvious conversations between doctors and nurses.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this presentation, participants should be able to:

  • Recommend strategies that encourage HIM to be "brought to the table" in interprofessional collaborations
  • Apply interprofessional leadership processes supporting collaboration in healthcare
  • Demonstrate effective communication techniques that can be used to facilitate discussions and interprofessional interactions that improve patient's quality of care