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AOE22 Panel Description

Establishing a Sustainable Undergraduate Student Research Culture

This session will present a variety of approaches in creating a sustainable culture of undergraduate student research. Most universities are encouraging undergraduate research and there are funding sources available.  HIM students should play a part in advancing the mission to increase undergraduate research and take advantage of opportunities available.  Discussion topics will include: embedding research projects within courses and sustaining this throughout the HIM program of study, applying for student research funding, and identifying places to disseminate research findings.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding the nature of research projects for HIM students
  • Identifying courses that are applicable for research projects
  • Understanding how to create research projects that build in skill level and content throughout a HIM program of study
  • Establishing methods for engaging HIM students in research
  • How to create a framework for identifying student research funding (internal and external) and building funding timelines
  • Discuss the various types of dissemination methodologies for student research
  • Discuss how faculty can collaboratively write with students to disseminate research findings